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How We Work

MOD is a two-tier organization: Recruits Counselors/Advisors

MOD is a two-tier organization: Recruits Males from
Ages 8-18 Years Old.

  • Attend MALES of Distinction meetings on a regular basis.
  • Accept guidance and support.
  • Speak freely and openly about issues and concerns.
  • Conduct themselves with respect for others.
  • Build Potential.
  • Grow and strive for excellence.

Moreover, we have set goals to help each young males in achieving their success. These targets are:

  • Goal Setting – Evaluation Process/Strategic Plan/Create Tactical Plan/Set deadline for completing your tactical plan.
  • Decision Making – Simple decisions are preferences/Everyday decisions become habits/Major decisions involve thinking, feelings, intuition, and deciding what is good, better, or best.
  • Money Management – Give/Save/Spending
  • People Skills – Conflict Resolution/ Persuasion (learning how to persuade in a positive manner)/Manners (developing good manners to help get along with others.
  • Business Ethics – Defining Business Ethics/Demonstration of Ethical business practices/Long-term affect that Ethics has on a business.

Evaluation Measure of Success and Outcomes

Taking a young male to experience his First Flight and logging in One hour of Aviation Training, as well as exposing them to college campuses will show the measure of success that MOD strives to achieve. Watching a young male student bring his grades up because he feels a sense of belonging and that others care about his achievements, this is the way we know that MOD is being productive.

The completion of each 7 Domain Model of the MOD Youth Program is definitely a way we will measure and provide our community with the information needed showing the success of MALES of Distinction.

Service Area

We mentor young males living in North Carolina

Business Hours

We’re open every Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can also set an appointment if you want to visit our facility during weekends. 

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