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A Star Lab of Distinction Arrives in Moore County!

Every now and then you run across an organization with a vision so great and leader so passionate you just can’t help but get caught up in the positive energy and commitment to serve young people. 

That is what is going on in Moore County, North Carolina with MALES of Distinction. MOD “is a motivational success program that guides the development and perspectives of males by facilitating research informed and practitioner approved curriculums that will improve social behaviors for at risk males”. Blue Star Virtual Learning’s Executive Director, Sherilla Horton, connected the two organizations committed to uplifting and expanding knowledge within young people. 

Constellations: Star Lab, the newest service offering in the BSVL portfolio, brings a virtual academic support system directly to schools and nonprofit organizations. When Mr. McCauley learned about it, he contacted Blue Star immediately requesting he be the first to sign up his organization for services. When asked why he shared,

“I can’t believe how far I have come in my life! The vision and assignment that has been given to me allows me to upgrade my thoughts to match my destiny of giving back to our youth through mentoring and positive motivation. My attitude has become gratitude and comes with a HUGE thanks! Connecting with the Moore County community has been such a powerful blessing and motivates me to press forward on national and international levels of impact. Becoming a Collaborative Client with BlueStar Virtual Learning has enhanced the MALES of Distinction Youth Program to the point we now have our own school! Yes! A school! I dreamed of being here, and so very thankful to BlueStar Virtual Learning CEO & Founder Melissa Perkins. The family at Blue Star Virtual Learning has set the stage for Master Students that only leads to academic success. I have 2020 Vision!”

By acquiring his very own Star Lab, Anthony has secured individualized learning plans based on skills diagnostic for all of his learners. He’s been assigned a team member who will monitor and support the academic needs of his students providing weekly feedback to him on their growth and progress. The young men of his organization are now Master Students who will work at their own pace and finally have an opportunity to overcome academic obstacles that have been creating frustration and sadness in them for a long time. 

Working alongside MOD as a guide, Blue Star Virtual Learning will support Anthony’s precious young men as they become “masters of themselves”. CEO and Founder Melissa Perkins is thrilled to have them as a part of her global mission to expand the consciousness of educators. “Connecting with MALES of Distinction is a major turning point and supreme moment in our existence as an innovative change agent education. I am so honored Anthony chose us! My team and I are committed to insuring his precious boys discover the brilliance that lies within each of them. May their lights shine on.”

The STAR Lab CO-OP of The Carolina’s is the First-Tier Subsidiary of the MALES of Distinction Organization.

Our goal is to offer multiple opportunities, and inspire Master Students to discover and reclaim their full-potential by finding out exactly what you child knows! We are your Academic Insurance!

The STAR Lab CO-OP of The Carolina’s is a first-tier subsidiary of the MALES of Distinction / Ladies of MERIT Organization. We interactively facilitate student-focused resources through our CO-OP partnership with Blue Star Virtual Learning who provides online curriculum and live support. The STAR Lab CO-OP of The Carolina’s is the first born academic motivational mentoring and home resource connector in Moore County, NC. We are unique by welcoming home-school and traditional school students solutions to identify learning gaps. STAR Lab CO-OP of The Carolina’s coverage area is currently serving three counties in NC by fostering virtual academic support.

We are a global CO-OP; therefore, we can service you were ever you are located. By providing direct support to schools and local communities, we are able to Diagnostically Assess and address the outcome with individualized learning paths. The STAR Lab CO-OP of The Carolina’s is able to meet and exceed parent/student expectations by ensuring your child receives the education they deserve.

(S) Students

(T) Taking

(A) Academic

(R) Responsibility!!

Each participant is not just a student they are MASTER Students. The STAR Lab CO-OP of The Carolina’s is “Where Masters Make Themselves”. 

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