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MALES of Distinction Brain Game Curriculum

The mind is the most powerful tools that humans possess, it can be used to help you attain success or it can take you to the depths of failure!

The MOD Brain Quiz Curriculum is about making learning fun. We have based it on several ideas and activities that are used in our community group meetings. The idea is to create an environment and offer opportunities to optimize learning. A main component is integrating games and activities that strengthen skills such as order, logical reasoning, and spatial relation of how things are located in relation to some reference object. For example, the MOD Brain Quiz is a game of answering questions pertaining to past and present logical things that have been taught in the community group weekly meetings. The game is hosted by an EmCee. 

The EmCee asks participant #1 a question from the bank of questions that have been generated by MOD, if the first question is correct the participant gets a point with a token that coincides with a correct response. If participant #1 fails to answer correctly the question is passed along to participant #2, if #2 fails to answer correctly it goes to #3, if #3 fails to answer the EmCee gives the correct answer to group and participant #4 is presented with a new question from generated list. The MOD Brain Quiz continues until a specified time when all participants add up tokens to see who wins. In case of a tie, a tie breaker takes place to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and so forth. The incentive for participation is the pick from prize table that have been bought in from sponsors or leaders.

The objective:

  • To optimize the learning environment.
  • To promote thinking by repetition.
  • To boost overall brain activity.
  • To keep the mind sharp.
  • To reduce boredom and improve concentration.
  • To improve memory and brain processing speed

Curriculum components also look at right and left brain teaching and learning. Each participant is giving an evaluation of Right and Left Brain Dominant TEST that identifies individual learning styles. With the evaluation we can then accommodate tutoring and mentoring to help participants succeed. The Left and Right Brain each have identifiable Traits.

  • Left-Brained People thrive in the classroom that involves a lot of listening. People like this love to make lists, perform well even in management, are very highly logical and analytical and usually very reliable. And many more traits fall under this category.
  • Right-Brained People have a strong visual memory, they tend not to have the ability to perform logical, and expressive tasks. They tend to view and respond to the word with pictures.

With the addition of this curriculum we can teach our young male participants the knowledge that a polished, efficient brain makes for a happier, healthier mindset in general. By doing this type of mental exercise, in the form of MOD Brain Game we can capture the attention span of each participant by creating a loving, safe, fun environment.

Anthony B. McCauley

Founder – MALES of Distinction Youth Program

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