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"I've become more invested in my life, involved in school. I've realized that a bad attitude wouldn't get me anywhere in life."
Mentee, Becoming a Man
"If you want your son to learn how to be an intelligent, thoughtful, caring and loving young respectful male who will take charge of their life and excel leaving a legacy of positivity behind, then you will need to allow him to participate in this extraordinary program called MALES of Distinction (MOD)"
Corda L. McCauley
MSW, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Therapist
"Anthony joined our school close to the beginning of the school year, and began conducting small group “social skills” classes twice a week to some of our most troubled students. His presence in our school does not go unnoticed, by the students or staff. He greatly impacts the students that he serves. Most of them come from very unstable homes, and often have severe behavioral and academic struggles while at school. Anthony is able to relate to these students on a level that a teacher cannot. He is able to share past experiences, while remaining professional, humble, and relatable. He communicates well with the students, both verbally and non-verbally. Since he began these small groups, the students have shown growth in verbalizing their feelings and expressing their interests and fears. He has developed a level of trust with some of our most challenging students, and this only helps them to succeed at school and as they grow into adulthood."
Brandi Bartels, MA
School Counselor - New Century Middle School
"Mr. McCauley has a unique gift as it pertains to mentoring our youth. I have observed his selfless deeds in serving our community and providing opportunities for disenfranchised youth. He provides transportation to various educational functions and conducts weekly meetings regarding positive self-concepts and life skills. His ability to mentor and guide our youth is first-rate and he displays an impressive zest and zeal for life. He is very adamant about positively impacting the lives of students as well as building the capacity in others to cultivate, energize, and empower. It is easy to provide this reference letter for an individual of his caliber. He does not live in a realm of complacency, but rather continuously strives to be the best that he can be and sets that criterion for those that he mentors. Mr. “Anthony” is undoubtedly devoted to helping others succeed."
Vivianease Major
Assistant Principal - Southern Middle School
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