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Gravity Drone Services is a FAA CFR Part 107 licensed North Carolina based company located in Moore County. The owner of Gravity Drone Services is Pilot Anthony B. McCauley. Gravity Drone Services provides:

  • Real Estate Aerial Images & Videos.
  • Corporate/Promotional Events & Weddings.
  • Commercial Worksite with custom Aerial images that track worksite progress with Aerial video overviews of your project.
  • Educational STEM classes and Part 107 assistance.

Gravity Drone Services is committed to providing our customers, a safe, efficient, and creative flight plan that will provide you with high impact drone based solutions. 

Why Gravity Drone Services?

We are able to focus on quality and affordable drone solutions that go beyond our customers’ expectations. We ensure communication with you at every stage of the process to deliver project demands. At Gravity Drone Services we are registered, and certified by the FAA with the CFR Part 107 licensed. At Gravity we pride ourselves on keeping up with industry Rules & Regulations. We hold the NC Public Use (Government) UAS Operator Permit with the Division of Aviation NC Department of Transportation.

Educational Curriculum

Gravity Drone Services has a classroom curriculum that teaches students the safety regulations of the drone industry as required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We will offer various courses that demonstrate what can be done with GPS-based drones. By applying real-world applications of drone technology we can assist our students in obtaining their CFR Part 107 requirements and this allows them to be certified at the age of 16 as Licensed Drone Pilots with the FAA.

Copyright 2019 Gravity Drone Services

The goal of Gravity Drone Services is to promote safety awareness. It is company policy to make the best decision during periods of inclement weather. We will not fly in adverse weather conditions such as high winds or reduced visibility. All scheduled services will resume as soon as weather permits. Gravity Drone Services will effectively communicate with our customers during inclement weather.

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